Systems thinking

We regularly organize workshops and training courses with the aim of applying System Thinking in organizations.

Examples of our training and consultancy assignments:
- For an insurer to strengthen the systemic thinking of the organization top
- For an innovation network of the Min. of Agriculture, system thinking and innovation
- Regular workshops for middle management for a chemical group
- Get a view of the system at the top of the organization for a healthcare institution
- Systemic coaching of management for an educational institution

System thinking is one of our methods when we enter into dialogue with organizations, looking for patterns and solutions.

Systems thinking is by far the best method to investigate complexity in organizations. Based on this research, persistent recurring problems are discovered. By visualizing the dynamics (the systems), unexpected solutions are often found. Organizations really benefit from it.

System thinking is an approach whereby the entire system is taken into consideration. In this context, specific attention is paid to the problem owner's own role in the creation and maintenance of the problem.

Our training, advisory and coaching programs have been set up to teach organizations how to apply system thinking. This lays a solid foundation for a learning organization.