# Business Case for Artificial Intelligence: A University-Level Classroom Exercise

## Objective:
To understand the potential business implications and benefits of implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in an organization. Students will analyze a real-world business case, evaluate the potential pros and cons of AI integration, and propose a possible AI integration strategy.

## To do before start:
1. Read the provided article "How AI is transforming businesses”. Reflect on the key points and consider the advantages and disadvantages of AI implementation in business. (See below)
2. Identify a company (preferably in a domain familiar to you) you will use as a base for the exercise in class.

### Task Part 1 - Case analysis: (20 Mins)
- Independently assess your selected company’s business model, products/services, and customer base.
- Identify areas where AI could potentially be integrated.
- Evaluate possible advantages, challenges, costs, and benefits of such an implementation.

### Tak Part 2 - Group Discussion: (10 Mins)
- Form small groups among the students, where they discuss their findings and ideas.
- Each group will elect a lead to summarize their discussion for the class.
- Each group answers the following questions:
- What is the potential AI application area?
- What specific benefits do they predict?
- What challenges might arise during implementation?
- What will be the impact on the customer base and the company’s overall market position?