"Simplicity in a complex world"

Complexity and change have now become a constant factor in our world.

The world is changing rapidly, there was marketing guru Kevin Kelly (New Rules for the New Economy) in the late nineties who foresaw that everything would get an IP address and smart networks would emerge. There were scientists in the sixties who predicted real artificial intelligence. Now computer power and software are so far that this can slowly become reality. Where in the past the limitation was in the hardware. .. the possibilities are now unlimited and the only limit to what seems possible is the imagination, entrepreneurial spirit and perseverance.

Organizations are faced with the task of adapting. This forces companies to think about the agility and flexibility of their organization. It is important to gain insight into the way in which updated knowledge can be used quickly and efficiently. Grio can assist you with this, with mapping and intervening in team and organizational dynamics.

Grio helps you and your company overcome the hurdles getting into AI and Machine learning.

"The big mistake is to act the drama, as if you were alone.”
David Whyte

“Perfect is the enemy of good enough”
"With great powers come great responsibility"